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Hello, my name is Tony Bottoms and I am the owner of Appaloosa Media. I have been in the podcasting space since 2011. First as a consumer, then as a Podcaster, and then, as of the last few years, as a Podcast Manager. I have experienced all aspects of the podcasting space, and I have spent years learning what makes a good podcast. Let me put my years of experience and education to work on your team, helping you create an AWESOME podcast.

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Tony is an audio guru! I knew nothing about podcasting when I started out. Tony made it quick and easy for me to get started and get a successful show, up and running. His advice was across everything from graphics to hosting services, microphone selection, mic use tips and more. I simply send my weekly pod to Tony, in raw audio format, and the next thing I know it's published and up on Apple, Spotify and Google. Give Tony your pod and relax - Mark Mc - Host BOSS Podcast

Mark McInnes 🎧 HOST - BOSS Podcast |

July 2, 2020

Tony worked hard to help our podcast get to where it is today. He's responsive and cares about helping your show improve.

Chris Justin

Founder of Solariety, Helping Residential Solar Companies Sell More Systems